Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's your reality?

My son sent me a movie for Christmas.

It was "Inception," with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Have you ever heard of it? I had not, and so postponed actually getting around to watching it until this weekend.

Released in 2010, it's the story of a guy who has made his living stealing ideas from people's subconscious and, like any good script, there's a twist at the end.

But in a way it arrived at just the right time and waited until I had come to place where addressing the issue of reality, dreams and being positive reached a critical point.

In my life there has been a pattern of trying to control that which is uncontrollable. Thanks to the co-dependency created by childhood experiences, I was a life-long worrier and had unknown anxiety issues. Some of that came to light when two years ago I discovered that my 'battery' (adrenal glands) was failing.

All these decades of living off adrenaline and worrying had taken their toll.

Thanks to hypnosis/counseling, many of the issues of the past have been laid to rest, the positive shifts are having good results and I'm hopeful for the future on many levels.

We've had so much rain that the bluffs are
being eroded. Interesting to see, but a little
scary walking near them.
Hypnosis is all about getting down to the subconscious level and establishing new neural pathways to change behaviors for lifelong results. Not dissimilar from the movie... except that I don't think my counselor was stealing my ideas for monetary gain. Only planting new ideas about getting more exercise and drinking more water.

But the movie did stir up some anxiety... how easy it would be to get into a brain and create an individual with vastly different core beliefs and life objectives.

Only that wasn't really what the message was... when I go back to some 'interpretive' training about movies, it was clear that the woman (representing the church) felt there was betrayal since the main character, a man, strayed from religious structure by venturing into new, unapproved areas... and the man was challenging the concepts of life and death with this adventure.

This would indeed be scary for the church because if people believe that we create our own reality, that all we do is connect by our 'dreaming' our future, then the church must significantly change it's way of controlling the masses, because free-thinkers are not easily brought under the thumbs of those with restrictive thought.

And when I ponder the concepts I've been re-visiting, it is clear that I have less need of a structured church and more need for the exploration of ways of bringing my mind into focus so that I am creating my reality in a positive way.

That's really what I've been doing a lot of anyhow - intending, visualizing, dreaming, imagining. And it's the creative artist in me that then produces something... a meal, a picture, a dress. But it applies to everything else as well, I'm discovering.

Ahhhhh, well... tonight I am just enjoying a reality that does not include shoveling tons of snow and sending out warming thoughts to my friends and family who are deep into it.