Photos of my Artistic Work - 2013

 I am working on another cathedral canvas.... check back in January 2013, please.

UPDATE: That canvas is not accessible to me right now because the oil painting teacher did not have any classes in January.

Here is one I started by myself as a 'flashback' to my earlier days of painting. I call it "Reiki at Work" but it is not a completed piece.
"Reiki at Work" 2013; oil on canvas
I am also moving into watercolors because I wanted to explore that medium. It was what my great-grandfather worked in and he was very, very good. Here is an unfinished piece, started just after the beginning of January.
View of Barichara; 2013 - watercolor
And I am taking classes from a professional watercolor artist now for the next few weeks so we will see how that unfolds.
Washington lake in winter (2013)

Spring in Sequim (2013)
The latest one is my ship at sea at sunset in watercolor. I have had a lot of difficulty getting a good and true color shot of it, so I am putting both the one that shows the drawing best and one that shows the color best.
Ship at Sunset - watercolor - March 2013

Best and truest color of "Ship at Sunset" March 2013
NOTE: This was given to my son-in-law for his May birthday.
Now I have completed two more... the next one is called "Seattle Skyline" and it is smaller; about a 5 x 10 with a nice matte. Would look lovely in a brushed aluminum frame, I think. When I can afford it...
Seattle Skyline, April 2013 (5x7) matted - inspired by my
Easter trip to Seattle for the twins Christening event.
NOTE: given to my daughter for Mother's Day
This one below was just finished today - Tax Day - and the one you see first is the way it looked mid-way through class time. Class members and the teacher felt it needed more color definition on the mountains... done. You cannot see the clouds very well in the photo, but they are hanging over the top edge of the mountain, like a whipped topping on a mound of black raspberry ice cream (my favorite!).

"Four Peaks in Spring" April 2013 (5"X 10") This is
being matted and I will be interested to see what colors
are selected for the matte.
I am continuing with my watercolor classes and have taken up acrylic on my own. Here are my most recent completed works.
Memories of a drive to Sedona, AZ, watercolor (2013)

Desert or beach? Watercolor (2013)

Arizona Memory, March 2013 acrylic (5x7)

Senior Guitarist May 2013 acrylic 5x7
Given to mother of guitarist for Mother's Day

First Attempt with acrylics - desert March 2013 (5x7)
sent to my son as a postcard.

Acrylic (5x7) April 2013 on multipurpose paper
I think I'm feeling stronger with the acrylics and my sense of color is more like my oil paintings. But here is a recent watercolor.

Sunset in Sequim, Washington May 2013 (5x7)

"Sunset in Sequim" is from a photograph I took with my Android phone.

Imagined spring - watercolor (2013)

Lilacs in a Vase (acrylic 2013)

These new additions are not really new, as I did them in 2013, but I forgot to add them in last year.

Since I started the part time job, I haven't really felt like painting, sorry to say. That is not the discipline of an artist, I know.

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