Photos of my Artistic Work - 2015

Patience... I have to get the photos uploaded, but they are coming....

I don't really like to show work-in-progress, but I am impatient myself to move myself forward. The photos of other work (done) are taking a little longer to find and upload, so here is my latest project... first steps.

I've done the base layer and outlined the elements... an eagle, a nest, a tree, other trees and mountains. This is from a photo done by someone else, so it's a little harder since I don't have the emotional connection to the photo or the scene.

Oh, and it's in acrylic - one of my first efforts.

Well, here's the update... after working on this intermittently all year, I finally am a whole lot closer to being done. (Jan. 17, 2016) I think I am ready to be finished with it as well.

Lake Crescent Visitor (2015) Photography (mine)

Being involved with a man for most of 2015 is no excuse, but I lost my focus (no pun intended) and did not do nearly as much with my art as I intended.

And that is why I pretty much gave up on my ability to have two 'loves' at the same time in 2015.

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