Photos of my Artistic Work 2011-2012

"Guapota" is a view from that area of Colombia. (2'x3') 2011
This is all of my work for 2011 through 2012. I am starting one more cathedral picture, but it won't be done this year.

All in all, I'm pretty pleased with my efforts this year. I've kept up the blog, taken tons of pictures, and have completed these canvases.

I've had two expositions of a single work ("Ventana" 2011), entered five photos in the Mayor's exposition earlier in the year, entered two in the Santander photo contest which is on-going until February of 2013. I think I've learned a lot during this year about my painting style and while my art teacher doesn't like it, he now knows I won't let him touch my paintings in order to make his point about what he thinks it needs. In fact, I've told him (in a nice way) that he needs to be painting while we are, so that he doesn't get frustrated by what we aren't doing.
"Mot-Mot" was started in 2010 and took a year to complete.  (2'x2') (2011)

"Barichara Sunset" is based in part on the sketch and a photo. (15"x 32") 2012
"Cathedral" has been one of my more challenging works. (2' x 3.5') 2012

 Yesterday (Saturday, November 10) my art teacher showed me some work a young artist he has in class is doing. It was a copy of my "Ventana"! I was pleasantly surprised that the student wanted to try and reproduce it, and felt sort of flattered.
"Flora Roja" is small (12" x 18") but big in concept. 2012
"El Senor" is my first attempt at doing faces. During the time
I was working on this, we referred to him as my husband.
This is a guy from my imagination, although he looks a
little bit like one of my classmates. Anyhow, a start. 2012
So this is my work and I'm trying not to be too critical of myself. As I look at "El Señor" though, I feel as if he needs to see a doctor, and fairly soon... but he's not my husband and I don't really have any control over what he does. LOL!


  1. Your painting is really, really good.

  2. These are beautiful - Jenny from Awakening To Your Life's Purpose Membership