Photos of my Artistic Work - 2014

This is a October work, but the photo is not
very good. I will take another after it is matted.

I am not completely pleased with the photos of my work, but at least there is proof of it for now. For example, the Wheat Stalk piece is a lot lighter and brighter than it appears here.

After my move to my new living space, even though I have an art studio now, it has been too cold and damp to work in it. And I think I went through a kind of 'resetting' of my art energy after the move, so I didn't even feel or know what I wanted to work on.

Stalk of Wheat in Sequim, January 2014
Sunset in Utah, from my photo, done on board
May 2014

This work, with the exception of the January piece, was all done recently and on boards instead of paper. It was a way for me to begin experimenting with something new on a small scale.

I like the way the boards reflect the paint, but they are tricky to work with since the color doesn't really 'stick' like it does on paper.

Spring flowers, done on board, May 2014
from my photograph

Water on Leaves, done on board, May 2014
from my photograph

From a photograph of the Utah sun setting, another view from the same day I painted above, I finished this watercolor on 8 x 11 paper this week (Aug. 2014).

The funny blue things are the tape I use to keep the wet paper from buckling. 

I have learned a lot of techniques like this from the art class I take on Thursday mornings from Judy Priest. She is such a patient teacher, and NEVER imposes her style on her students!!

I actually am not so crazy about this particular work, but everyone in the class said they liked it, and one of students (We're all over 65!!) said, as I was thinking about changing something, "Sometimes you can work too hard to get it just right, and it is just right now, I think." 

I put down my brush and this is it.

OCTOBER: Sunrise in the park... not sure if this is worthy of framing yet, but it has a matte.

Sunrise in Lazy Acres, Sequim, WA  watercolor (2014)
 Below is the sunset in Colombia...

Barichara, Santander (from a photo) at sunset
Watercolor 8-1/2 by 11 inches

This was the photo I used for my Christmas card... taken at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show in the late summer.

From a dream - watercolor (2014)
It took me most of the summer to generate a few more watercolors. Working part time left me feeling too tired to do more than a few creative works.

But here they are.

Scenes of the water from photographs taken on trips to the most western part of Washington, Neah Bay, etc.

And walks in the woods....

Or from photographs taken earlier in the year.

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