Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trying to communicate

Challenges in communication extend beyond the obvious - having a modem or a way to Wi-Fi or a phone - and we have none of these options at our demand. We also have a language to learn and while I am making progress on a daily basis (Today I was able to go a little cafe, order a meal and beverage and pay for it, all without having to resort to an interpreter!), the more commercial activities of sending a FAX, receiving one, or getting a message by FED-EX to the U.S. is quite a big effort.
Now that we are in the big city of Bogota, we discovered that we still don't have the same kinds of commercial services and access as is found in the U.S., even in the smaller burgs. But they may makeup for those limitations with some of the most fantastic light displays for the holidays that I have ever seen. Above is the Parque International at night where we walked on the Night of the Virgin, which precedes a national holiday (yesterday) and which is also an occasion for excessive partying - until at least 4 a.m. all across the city and beyond, I feel certain. I was able to hear party sounds all around the apartment where we are staying until at least that time.

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