Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flying to Seattle

I am able to post this blog from over 34,000 feet thanks to GoGo, a new inflight internet on Delta Airlines. They were offering a promotional session and I can see why this idea might fly... ha ha! All I need now is either an extra power supply or a longer electric cord... about 3,000 miles it would seem. I don't have a picture to show you because we are flying through clouds, so just put a paper towel over your eyes, turn on a program on the radio/tv where children are screaming, make sure you sit with a couple of people on either side of you making it impossible to move your elbows more than a few degrees and get someone to jostle your seat from in front and behind and you get the picture.
Anyhow, we are on the last leg of this journey and will be in Seattle tonight. I will post again in a couple of days. Thanks for reading!!


  1. Great stuff, Sandy. Thanks for the informative detail; the kind of stuff a traveler loves to know! I've been curious about Colombia (and S.A. in general) for years...

  2. Thanks R. Brady... and here's a little additional info....
    What is inside the box for $6 that you buy on Delta? They don’t tell you on-line, so I will....
    1 oz. “POWER“ snacks, featuring mostly dried bananas and raisins with a few dried pieces of mango or papaya.
    18 grams of Jack Link’s original dried beef nuggets with 7 g of protein - 50 calories and pretty good.
    20 grams of Pepperidge Farm’s Chessmen butter cookies in a special small size just for popping in your mouth for 100 calories.
    1 oz. of Boulder Canyon natural foods potato chips - delicious, but then I’m crazy for chips and not too salty.
    21 grams of Glacier Ridge pasteurized process cheese food “Swiss type flavor” - looked sort of grim to me.
    A small box of mints from Delta - eating more than two at time sort of burns your mouth.
    1 oz. Hersey’s milk chocolate bar.
    All in all I wasn’t disappointed - hope you aren’t either.