Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A ducky day

Finally a spot of sunshine! It being a holiday for most - hard to be 'holiday' minded when retired - we decided to drive to the harbor for bit of a walk after being cooped up inside. I forgot to bring any morsels of bread or crackers for entertainment, but it didn't matter. The birds were there and waiting nevertheless.

I'm a little late on the seagull-of-the-dayshot, but here is my contribution....
The surprise was that in the midst of plunking myself down on the pavement to get to eye level with the seagulls, a paired couple of mallards joined us and the female was quite unafraid and as you will see,
got very close to me - didn't even have to use the close-up feature on my pocket camera. I think she was even smiling... but then perhaps ducks do that on a regular basis. What was nice was that the sun had been out long enough to warm up the pavement a little... see the shadows under the birds?

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  1. This was such a nice post and with the great photos I really enjoyed it and felt that I had come along too . I am very fond of little garden birds and encourage them with hanging fat balls which the robins love. Your mallard ducks are very fine indeed and seem very proud, almost stately in a way. Funny how when retired all the days seem holiday like when the sun shines of course.