Monday, January 17, 2011

The dangers of a limited immune system

I recently received word that the relative with MM who had a successful STC had contracted the flu, in spite of having a flu shot. Then on top of that, the dreaded RSV, a virus which is truly dangerous for babies and those with 'baby-like' immune systems, has jumped on the patient as well.

Right now I am living in a country where people have no real awareness of illnesses and contamination of water by their actions. I see everyone sneezing into their hands and then walking off to shake hands with someone else and I am horrified! But on the other hand, (no pun intended) they don't use the antibacterial soaps and other typical products found in the U.S. to 'protect' themselves and there don't appear to be more flu or viral infections here (according to a medical doctor I know quite well) as a result.

I asked her the question "Do you think all the shots and soaps really do any good?" She said, "The Americans, and some peoples of other countries, are terribly preoccupied with staying well and as a result, I think, they do things which leave them more vulnerable to a host of ailments which if they lived more naturally would resolve themselves without any action."
This Colombian chicken is a free-range bird, which means
you have to go and look for her eggs, but the brilliant color
of the yolk and the delicious flavor are a testament to the
benefits of eating free-range eggs.
That may be so for a normal healthy immune system, but clearly this is not a great vacation spot for someone recovering from an STC... and while I have to add that for me, I've been the healthiest ever - perhaps it is eating fresher foods - fruits, vegetables and eggs that are sometimes still warm from the chickens - perhaps I am just blessed with a "muy fuerte" (very strong) immune system. In any event, I hope my readers will send up good thoughts for a quick recovery for my dear relative who is feeling pretty awful right now - and for the caregiver who is pretty tired from lack of sleep, anxiety and just, you know, care-giving.


  1. I refuse to use those anti bacterial soaps and lotions as I believe they lower one's resistance. I have a friend who works the toll booths and he is never sick. The only time he was, was when he left his job for several months and then came down with colds and the flu, one right after another.

    I also believe that more children have come down with asthma because of the constant cleaning that American's have come to rely on. How come you and I grew up playing in the dirt and eating with the same hands a sandwich and were rarely sick ? We only heard of asthma in the news and that it happened to someone we didn't know.

  2. Of course Sandy we wish a speedy recovery for your MMer. x

  3. Oh yes I am late again but I send my very best and positive thoughts for your MMer for a very speedy recovery.