Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Bird-Day to my art teacher!

These Red and Blue Macaws live a free life in San Gil.
Recently I went on an 'art date,' something that is more or less required if you are doing The Artist's Way (TAW), a 12-week program to heal the artist within - and probably without as well. Anyhow, I had to pay the rent on my casa which requires me to go to San Gil, a city that is about 25 minutes away. I intended to catch the bus, but just as I was about to buy my ticket I realized I didn't have the bank account number where the funds are to be deposited. I would have to walk home and get it.

The walk is only about 15 minutes, but it also would mean that I would miss the bus to get me to the bank on time. Hence, the decision to take my car. And if I was going to take my car, I would probably be doing it a favor to get it washed since that hasn't happened all the time I've been here and it is loaded down with mud. Getting it washed is about a two-hour process. So I decided to have lunch in the Parque Gallinera in San Gil and much to my surprise, they had two gorgeous macaws - one blue and one red - perched in the tree next to my table. So you see the series of actions which brought me to the park and these special birds.

After lunch and the car wash I needed to get some gas, so I went to the least expensive place (still nearly $5 USD) and after the shock of paying that much for gas, I really needed a two-scooper of Dota's delicious coffee ice cream - the absolute best in Colombia as far as I'm concerned. They also have several other delectable flavors, but I didn't have room for two more scoops of anything!

It could be my imagination, but the car seemed lighter and smoother and zippier with the fresh cleaning and a full tank of gas. Thus my quick trip to San Gil turned into an adventure that by myself could have been lonely, but wasn't. And I have these lovely bird shots to use for my next art project and to give to my art teacher who had a birthday recently ... Feliz complianos, mi amiga!


  1. If I ever wash my car it will disappear. It's very essence is dirt and grime.

    I am glad you found the Macaws. And I am glad you were not lonely.

  2. I only wish those beautiful rainbow birds could be found in my back garden. Having said that, Toni would probably take real offence at the size of them.

  3. I loved that when we sent to Oz, the brightly coloured parrots being so close. Further to Lorna's comment, Toni might take offence but somehow I don't think she'd be intimidated. ;D