Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cat Tales

Anyone with cats knows they can be a source of amusement, frustration and yes, worry. Losing the Amarillo cat was more than worrisome, it was flat-out distressing.

So I made the move some weeks after it was pretty clear that "Pasqual" was not going to return, and I accepted a 'rescue' kitten - delivered to me with two others in a cardboard box left at my gate. (The others went to a pet store in the next city from here.)

These three were really too young to leave their mother, but as with the
dogs in Colombia, kittens are not a high priority item and are often taken
from the mother too early.

Sombra/Shadow - bigger now - likes to sleep next to my
computer because of the heat it gives off.
This little sweetheart I named "Sombra" or "Shadow" because she is such a light color of grey. And recently she also disappeared. I was beginning to feel as if I wasn't supposed to have a cat of any color.

And so I wrote about it, and posted it here at Goodblogs, and although it's really quite a short story, it does have a good ending, which was a comfort to me.

Goodblogs is a place where people who want to try out their hand at writing for reward(s) can post a blog and see how it is received. With enough votes, one might actually receive something for it.

I hope you will check it out and if you like my story, please give me a vote of confidence.  


  1. Great story and I voted! :-)

  2. Oh, Sandy! That's about the age that my "Jada" appeared here. (Had to walk 3/4 mile back into the woods to get the house!) Much too young to be away from her mamma. But, I'M her mamma now! Your girl is adorable. Will get over there and vote later!