Monday, September 5, 2011

How would you like your beef?

At the corner of the road that leads to the main bus terminal and the street
that has the mini-terminal on it, I found this beef on the hoof, tied to the
lamppost. There are a lot of restaurants in the area.
I have been in San Gil for the past five days taking a free art 'seminar' with this awesome teacher and terrific group of other crazy artists! But on the way back to the mini-bus terminal to head back to Barichara, I saw this lovely bull on the street corner. It seemed so out of place I wondered what the rest of the story was, but didn't have a chance to find out. So all you creative types, write me a short, short story - two sentences!

El Maestro, our art professor, puts the finishing touches
on an acrylic piece that was started by another artist -
their cooperative effort is called "9/11".
Although I didn't understand everything the professor said, I was beginning to catch more and more as the days went by. I missed out on the first three days because I didn't know the course was even happening, but jumped right in on Thursday and was there for all the other days. It forced me to free up and let the colors come out as they wanted to. And I met a lot of nice people as well.

And we were using acrylic which is completely new for me as I have been working in watercolors first and then oils. I can see why lots of artists move over to the acrylic side after this week of experimenting with it.

I've completed the work on the photos for the art show next month and submitted them. I only have one of the oil paintings ready to go, but with two weeks left I am sure I can complete the other one.

Here are the photos I chose (The first two are shots of nature in Barichara, and the second two are shots of local people doing their 'work'):

Barichara at sunset in February (2010)

Flowers at sunset in Barichara (original shows more
cloud detail over the mountains

Local painter at work on casa in Barichara.
Artist at work painting in Barichara

The show is about three weeks away, and I'll report back about it. Thanks for stopping by!

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