Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sacred Contracts

I am re-reading "Sacred Contracts" by Caroline Myss, who also wrote "Anatomy of the Spirit," one of my favorite books. Part of how this came about is that I am preparing to take a long trip and I needed to pack up my things so that they can be properly stored while I'm away. I was inventorying the books and determining if I really planned to keep them all and in that sorting process came across this gem.

Basically Ms. Myss' philosophy stated in the book is that we have made contracts before we came into this life and we end up playing them out. This book is intended to help clarify for the reader what his or her contract(s) may be and how to benefit from that knowledge. I bought the book awhile ago and started it, but never finished it. There is no answer for why that happened; perhaps it was at a time when too many other things were going on and it just got put aside.

Anyhow, as I am preparing for this physical journey, it seems there is still more of my spiritual journey that needs to be taken. I have realized many of my goals during this past year. I wanted to identify myself as a painter and I have finished four canvasses, three of which are hanging in a local gallery and one of those three will be in an exhibition next month. My photography skills have been appreciated as five of my photos appeared in the Mayor's exhibition during the Feria (fair) and more than a few people have acknowledged seeing them and that is gratifying. I've learned a lot about ceramics, and have tons more to learn, and in the process of all these objectives, I've been learning Spanish, too.

But I'm still a bit confused as to what my Sacred Contract might be. Thus, it must be important for me to read this book and see if there are any clues in it for me. I'll let you know.


  1. Well, I'm not sure how you think about this blog, but I find it contributes to my enlightenment each time I come here.

    Could this be part of your contract? I hope it is...

  2. Your contract is to help others and add to the creation.

  3. I'll have to definitely check them both out. And your Christmas photos were awesome! I loved all the children sitting around. I used to read the Polar Express to mine Christmas Eve and later when my children started with the whole "there's no Santa" routine. I said, "Well then no presents for you!" Santa is alive and well in our house!