Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weather woes in Florida, too!

While I have been here in Florida closing out the cottage I lived in for five years, it has been grey and misty more often than not, but only recently have the clouds given up that moisture and actually produced rain. It's been rainy, finally, for three days now. And Florida really needs it. Many of the aquifer lakes are nearly dry and the air has been heavy with smoke from woodland fires. The quirky weather that has given Colombia the worst rainy season in decades has deprived Florida of the much-needed hurricanes that flood the peninsula's watershed. One of my friends said, "We haven't had a really decent hurricane season, meaning plenty of rain and minimal damage, in about five years."

After three days of rain, the grass is greener and the buds on the trees
have started to pop. The Azalea Festival is next week, I think, and I am
seeing plenty of those riotous colors beginning to emerge.
I am glad for my neighbors and their gardens that they got some natural assistance, but please will someone tell me why on the very day, (even the very hour!) that I was loading up a van with the few things left from the thieving friends who emptied most of my furniture from the house last year, it began to absolutely pour?  Maybe the house was telling me it was going to miss me... I did put a lot of work into it and that aspect of the move was hard.

But Colombia is where I am putting most of my energy, and I have plans to head back there very soon. But the Great Intender Tour is also starting with the Law of Attraction so I want to come back to attend one of the groups in either Florida or Alabama and that's in about two months. So it appears that this year is one with more traveling and connecting with like-minded souls. It should be an interesting one.


  1. Wishing you the best in your plans for the future and thanking you for your kind thoughts and message sent my way.

  2. I'm so glad that you're busting a move back to Central America, kiddo. Have been loving your pics and stories for some time now.