Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Easter Bunny

When I was very young, I had a stuffed rabbit that I received as an Easter gift along with some candy in that green straw that turned up everywhere even weeks after Easter was over. I don't know whatever happened to that critter, or to any of the others I had. They seemed to disappear, even though my younger brother's stuffed puppy with the fur rubbed off was around for a long, long time.

When I arrived on the Olympic Peninsula, I went to a craft show and found this very large girly bunny who just called out to come home with me. I have to add that I am not a stuffed creature collector so I was just as surprised as my girlfriend was when I said "I think I am going to buy this bunny..." and did.

Now it is Easter week and it is time for this bunny to get a good name. Her creator gave her a name, but I don't like it. Here is the challenge for my readers. I need some suggestions for this creature that is a kind of muse for me.

Even if you opt out of that exercise, I hope you have a wonderful week leading up to Easter or whatever portion of the calendar that means 'rebirth, renewal, and light' for you...


  1. I looked at her and saw the name Delilah. A very unchristian name for a very Christian holiday but oh, well.

    1. Cute... I am glad to have your input, Birdie...

  2. Someone on another site suggested BERNICE... I think I need a few more choices.

  3. Clio, the Greek muse of history comes to mind.

  4. dear sandy,

    how about "periwinkle"? or perhaps, that's not the true color of her outfit. i also submit one of my all time fave names, "florence". but maybe that's too mature? i can't tell how big she is - weenie? oh, here's one from my childhood idols - kukla - but it might have been a "he", AND a dragon. bleck. oh, well - there's always "floppsy". she looks as though she might have a sense of humor, or a rather wry humorous expression - maybe gracie? I HAVE GOT TO STOP! when challenged with thinking up stuff like this, i become like a savant! anyway, she's adorable. alex? ellie? mabel? what's spanish for rabbit? ayiyi - i gotta quit!\

    love you, XOXO

    karen, TC

  5. oops - here's another name - how about "bella"? honestly, sandy, this is it now. love, karen, TC xoxo

  6. The Spanish name for "rabbit" or "hare" is conejo and the Spanish word for "bunny" is liebre; and I'd use "Ellie" but it's a dear friend's name and also the name of my son's cat so that would be confusing - at least for me. I do like "Floppsy" from the childhood Cottontails.

    Currently I am leaning toward "Calliope" who was the Greek/Roman (Hellenic times) muse of epic poetry on a writing tablet. Thanks to John for directing me toward the muses and because of the historical aspect of the scrolls, I rejected poor Clio since I feel my writing is more 'tablet' based these days.

    Thank you all, dear readers, for your input and help!!

  7. dear sandy,

    my best friend in high school was judy. didn't see her for 25 yr. after graduating. the first time she came to our home after all that time, it was apparent she was terrifed of dogs, and loathed them as well. it's really a good thing that as more mature adults we soon discovered we had very little in common. during the few months we were discovering that fact, whenever she was around, i could only refer to our dog as "our dog", as in the dog we had to confine to the basement while she was visiting. i simply could never tell her - our dog was named JUDY! ( the best, sweetest, smartest dog in the world!) ps - calliope - i like it!

    love, xoxo

    karen, TC