Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feed Me! Feed Me!

Baby bird, waits for mama to return with breakfast.
Those who remember the campy black and white film "The Little Shop of Horrors" which evolved into a stage musical might appreciate the headline here. Outside my kitchen window I have a demanding baby bird and a busy bird mama, very like the situation my own daughter faces with her brood. Trying to find good food that will satisfy...

I believe these are bank swallows (thanks, Seattle Audubon Society) that have returned to nest again in this cute little house that at least is dry enough for nesting.

The pair started preparing things back in April and I started hearing hungry bird sounds about two weeks ago, but they have gotten louder in the past few days. No wonder. It looks like it is nearly flight time from the size of that baby.

There are more babies in nests around the complex where I live so it is quite noisy around here just now. And my rescue kitty, Maksim, has finally come out of hiding to pay better attention to the outside world. This is reassuring that he is becoming a more relaxed kitty, but the birds don't have to worry because he is an indoor creature.

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