Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Proving a point

As we age, our metabolisms slow down. There is a lot of other stuff going on, too. So in my quest to find ways to improve my physical being, I stumbled upon a product that is really, really good for the mental self as well.

I have sort of come to the point of realizing that if I want to seriously lose a lot of weight, I need to cut out all the sugary things that give my pleasure. Some of those items (like ice cream) also have a lot of fat, too. But what to do when after an ice cream orgy I promise myself I will NOT do that again, only I find that now that sugar demon is in my body and wants to be fed again?

It's a torment as many of you know. And willpower may not be enough to get through at least seven days of being sugar-free to reduce that craving.

But KETO-OS, created and sold by a new company called Prüvit creates a higher level of ketones in the bloodstream which actually causes a kind of appetite-suppression for four or five hours and gets me through that 3 p.m. low when it seems like a sugar-fix is all I want... and then it's dinner time... and after four or five days of this, I suddenly have realized that I'm not craving sugar-loaded foods, I have been eating better over all, and drinking more water... and nice surprise... lost a few pounds, too.

There are plenty of peer-reviewed documents about the benefits of increase ketones in the system, and this company is more than willing to make them available. Athletes want to stay lean, without any loss of muscle, and ketogenic diets are used world-wide to do this. But anyone who has been on the Atkins Diet knows how hard it can be to stick to just protein and vegetables for weeks on end... 

So, this is a new process for me... trying it out. And very interested in what my readers might think about it... this much I do know, having access to a liquid that will provide me with more energy, better focus in the brain, less appetite for things that really are not very good for me and an improved mood are worth investigating.


Click here to check it out!

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