Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Age Irrelevant

World's largest Spruce tree in WA.

Closer view of the spruce tree.

This week I have been celebrating my date of origin some (age irrelevant) years ago.

Last night a friend and I went off to see a new movie, "Hello, My Name is Doris" which seemed an 'age appropriate' story.

It is impossible to see the top of this tree from
the bottom, and the girth at the base is quite
massive. Well worth the trip.
There is a bias about older women having relationships of any length with younger men... I dated a younger man last year and when it was all over, I realized he was still too old for me.

When a woman is youthful, energetic, still thinking and creating, why can't she be seen as she is?

Why do folks want to say "She's doing all right for the age she is..." or "She's robbing the cradle?"

World's Largest Spruce Tree is about 1,000
years old. I don't think I even want to live
that long... 
When men date women who are much younger, other men crow and chuckle and sigh like the biddy hens in the barnyard. But if a woman in their midst is going with someone much younger it is interpreted as desperation.

"Hello, My Name is Doris" is about an older woman (Sally Field) who has a youthful outlook, ready to explore more of life. She is living... not just coasting along. And she reinvents herself as the movie progresses.

Men who were born around my date of origin are, in far too many cases, tapping their toes waiting for the Glory Train to pull into the station and take them out of this world.

So, don't ask me ever again about my age... it is just as irrelevant as how much money I have or what color my skin is. I am. But who I am today is different from who I was yesterday, and I will continue to be different in the days, weeks and months to come. I am evolving.

So, in looking for some photos to give some relief to the rant, I found these from my trip to the RainForest in Quinault, WA last summer. It's not far away from Sequim or Port Angeles and so it's an easy day trip to go and explore some natural history.

Here's a link to read more about the tree, it's location and the area where it is situated with some walking trails and other activities.

Stay tuned... isn't this a joyous life?

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