Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Signs of the Season

So it is barely the middle of September, but I think I saw snow falling on the top of Mt. Olympus during our last rainstorm and the temperatures are below 50 degrees at night already. My gut feeling is that we are going to have a much colder winter this year, with snow levels dropping below 2,500 ft.

While I am not the Farmer's Almanac (my father worked there as a Marketing Director ages ago), and I have not seen any fuzzy worms, I have had a fair amount of accuracy forecasting weather trends. Not that anyone has any records of mine, but I just seem to sense it and I respect that intuitive feed.

I have a friend over in Hong Kong who says it has been unseasonably hot, but he doesn't live there full time so he doesn't know what that means. I think the weather patterns are all 'calli-whumpas' (turned about and upside down) because Mama Gaia is trying to sort out some things. Kind of like when you had fall cleaning and threw things around when you weren't sure what to do with them.

But all summer has been cooler than normal over here, lots more small craft and gale warnings in the Juan de Fuca Straits, and now we are getting a smattering of rain showers and plenty of cloud cover to make the temperatures plummet at night.

Canadian Geese in the Solmar Pond, Sequim, WA
I usually do not bring out my heavy duty down comforter until after Halloween, but I am not sure I will last that long since my present covers have little warming capabilities. And my cats have found their own cozy places, so I don't even have them cuddling up to me anymore.

Female mallard duck among the geese; didn't see her mate.
The ducks and geese are leaving enough feathers floating on the nearby pond to make a least one down pillow, possibly two.

That usually means they have new (pin) feathers coming in and in the effort to break the casing, they knock out older ones.

I remember when my birds were moulting how they preened and groomed significantly more often. And there were lots of feathers flying around.
Lots and lots of sleepy geese; worn out from flying south?

Whatever is going on, I am aware it is cooler, and I'm still hoping for some warm fall days. There are still some trails I want to walk and places I want to explore.

I recently saw a photograph of Thorndyke Lake in Jaffrey, N.H. It was reflecting some beautiful foliage, but my sister tells me that they've been having a drought and the colors are no where near as intense as they might be for this time of year.

So, find your color where you can, get warm, and just enjoy what Mother Nature is throwing at us... she is always full of surprises!


  1. I am considering putting the flannel sheets on my bed next week. They don't usually go on until the end of October. As I sit her I need to go put some socks on.

  2. Birdie, how lovrly to hear from you!! Yes, I've put away my summer cotton socks and come to terms with the cold. Stay warm this winter!

  3. It's been very hot and humid all summer long here. So much that we haven't had a day to use the kayaks (some days we've been occupied and the weather was good for it). So, it goes. Yesterday, almost 90 n today just touching 68! harbinger of things to come? I think so. lot of changes are on the way.
    Annoying Mouse in NJ

  4. Brought the plants in because it will be in the 30's over the next night or 2. The crowns of the trees are golden, where we really lost color this year is the swamps, they went to rust, skipping the wonderful reds we wait around all year for, but it will be beautiful, maybe all the more for the memory of other years, and the hope of some rain or snow or anything so that the brooks are running again, and the swamps are more then mud pits, even the Contoocook has dried up to a trickle. Imagine!