Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Daughter's Birthday

You just ran out the door to play with Michele, now I've turned around and you are graduating from high school and is it really true that your first son is now in college and you are.... over 40?

It has gone by so quickly. All those moments of wondering if you would ever sleep through the night, get your homework done on time, make your bed, pick up your clothes, get through college safely (you were nearly on the bridge in California during the Loma Linda earthquake) and then one day you were struggling with your own babies not sleeping.

Sigh... I am so very proud of you. You have been climbing your own mountains for a long time and I think you are finally able to turn around and look at the view... you should be just as proud of your accomplishments as I am... a loving and devoted wife, a funny and responsible mother and stepmother, a woman of integrity who recently (and casually) told me she is a partner in a patent!

May this birthday mark the beginning of a new year of many joys leaving behind the "annus horribilus" and all its challenges -  you certainly deserve it!

And may I add how grateful I am for being a part of the whole adventure? So glad you came into my life and enriched it so measurably!


  1. I guess I'll have to update my title page to read "more like 50 something" so my daughter doesn't think she was adopted by a pre-teenager!!

  2. or just free yourself from the tyranny of numbers.
    We are the old ones now.

    1. "Seasoned...?" Try never to use that three-letter word as a definition of who I am... I do forget from time to time that my wisdom, such as it is, has come from accumulated years and experiences - and I do feel energetic most days.

  3. This was beautiful, thank you! Hummingbird

  4. nothing wrong with the o word. just like the numbers, they are labels and mean nothing. becoming an elder is a massive gift, some of us didn't make it.