Sunday, April 16, 2017

Red and Yellow with Grey

A friend who lives in the Hebrides Island (Scotland) recently posted a series of pictures on Facebook showing his world with red and yellow being the accent colors. I was impressed, intrigued and threw down my own gauntlet to meet his reds and yellows with those found on the Olympic Peninsula.

Ohhhhh, I should have waited.

It was March. And it was still cold. And wet. And rainy. And grey.

Outside my kitchen window, the building is a pale yellow
and the cones are a sort of red... almost.
And not wanting to give in with traditional and commercial photos of McDonald's, Les Schwab Tires and Econolodge, I started searching for various spots of color. Of course, I looked close to home first.

After that I drove around a bit, a good excuse to become familiar with my new-to-me car, which is also grey. (The salesman said he would give me an additional discount if I could decide that I liked grey.)

So I found a Robin and the hummingbird feeder is definitely red and yellow.

American Robin caught in drive-by shooting... 
My front yard with hummingbird feeder and Christmas
lights still waiting to be taken down.
Then it was off to Sequim to see what I might find and there is quite a bit of yellow and red when you start looking for it.

This is a great exercise in 'seeing' and I am glad I made the effort because when you start focusing on one thing, suddenly that item of focus begins to appear all over the place.

For days after I finished this 'challenge,' I was still finding spots of red and yellow as I drove about.

 After visiting downtown Sequim and a local market, I thought I was done, but I had to go over to Port Townsend and on my way back I captured this sweet shot of the mountains with the yellow strip in the road and the red taillights of the car ahead of me. It's one of my favorite views when I am heading home... love seeing the mountains layer by layer ahead of me.

Highway 101 heading west into Clallam County in Washington State.
So this was my March activity, and I probably should have posted it sooner, but right after I finished getting the photos, I had to have some emergency dental work and I was in a lot of pain for a couple of weeks. I am all better now, and so I'm posting this last shot just because I can and because it was the last local snowfall - my hopefulness for spring.

The last local snowfall... we got more than a dusting over elevations above
500 feet that day. I rushed to get the white of the snow over the ever-so-faint
green buds that were eager to come out.

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