Wednesday, September 6, 2017

No Labor Day

I fully appreciate that Labor Day was started to honor the workers, and in fact there is some slight connection to the workers party back in the days when Russia was a Communist society, but when one is retired, the whole point is to be able to celebrate the holiday without feeling any sense of angst that the following day will cause any pain because it is 'just another day.'

Wayne in the Woodpile 2017
However, there is no law that states a retiree must be working any day of the week and watching someone else work is perfectly allowable. So I did. I watched my companion, Wayne, stacking wood for his daughter and her husband while they were managing the Kittitas Fair, showing swine, eating fair food and riding rides.

Unfortunately, I am not very good at just watching, and for awhile, until I got over the impulse to do more, I actually helped stack wood. Finally, as I honored Labor Day as the time when people who used to work can now sit back and simply relax, I got this photo of Wayne, who is also retired but unwilling to relinquish his hold on activity, finishing up nearly two cords of wood. Great going, Wayne.

We did do a drive later that day up a route called the Canyon Road from Yakima, WA, to Ellensburg, WA. Apparently with all the warm weather the Yakima River is warm enough for folks with inner tubes (and other floating devices) to float down it for miles.

And as we saw a few folks doing this and have heard it's a lot of fun, I think this has to be on my bucket list for next year as a sporting thing to do.

Heading up Canyon Road toward Ellensburg, WA.

The hazy conditions are caused by intense smoke being blown
in the area from Oregon, Washington and Canada.
Are there any tubers to be seen?

Cruisin' down the river on a Monday afternoon...

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