Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gone by First Light

The baby birds were gone before the sun ever hit the porch. I never heard them leave. I'm just assuming they managed to stay safe until morning; never saw any feathers or other indications of anything amiss.
I was up early to join the Sidetrackers from Jacksonville on an almost five-mile walk along the Cedar Point trails (Part of the Timiquan Park) to the marshlands, north of Dames Point Bridge. What a lovely morning for the event! Cool breezes (preceeding a front which will bring much-needed rain on Sunday) and sunshine until just after noon, when the clouds began to accumulate. Much laughter and pleasantries from beginning to end, so it's definitely a group I can recommend for the single adult who wants companionship for weekend adventures.
I have photos which I will post soon... right now I'm in bed with the cold that manifested right after I got home from hiking.... groan.

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