Monday, March 2, 2009


   Here is a view of the marsh the SideTrackers group visited. It looked more exotic in person.  Today I am still recovering from the cold. It is probably a cold derived from germs I received from a small child, but it was curious how it 'blossomed' almost immediately after I got home from the hike. I spent most of yesterday wishing I'd had a bucket I could attach under my nose and today my head is all stuffed up. I'm drinking lots of water, eating good natural foods and taking every opportunity to use this as an excuse to be pitiful.
   Actually as I have a SIL with Multiple Myeloma and I follow a number of blogs from men and women who are challenged by this disease, my momentary dis-ease is nothing compared to the issues presented by MM. Compared to the various roller-coaster rides they are on, my cold really is pitiful and I am, too, for even making the comparison.

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