Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's worth a second look

Colombia -- the name brings up all kinds of anxious comments from friends and family about drug lords and guerillas and conflict. But the Colombia we are seeing is serene, beautiful, charming and welcoming. But stay away because we don't want it to change... This is the village of San Gil, not far from where our 'campo' is located.

But there are challenges... it isn't easy to find plumbing fittings, there are frogs, ants, and large flying beetles in the only bathroom that is operational this week, the kitchen hasn't been completed yet so we are still cooking meals for all on a two-burner gas stove, fruits bats fly by your head on the way to the banyo (bathroom) and there are almost exactly 12 hours of daylight - year round.
You can see the path we walk to get to the dining area and the bathroom. It was cloudy when I took this, but we've had some wonderful sunshine. Except for our drive into town, we walk all day, all around the 'campo' doing various tasks - weeding the garden - collecting fallen mangos, limes and lemons - watching the hummingbirds - moving things, although the container has not arrived as of yet.

The road to the right is the driveway up to the finca (farm) and it's about 2 kilometers, some of which is cobblestones and some is dirt, unless it rains and then we're told it's slicker than ... well, it's messy. Directions in case you want to get here from town: Drive until you reach the sharp turn and start up the 45-degree incline, and there are no other houses or farms after that, then make a sharp left to nowhere, followed by a quick turn to right to 'where-the-blank-are-we?' and just when you think you can't go any farther, you'll see the little casita (above) on the right. There is literally a cow path at the end of the road. See ya!

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