Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We are thankful...

For many things... including the arrival - tomorrow - of our container. And for our friends, new and old, and for the incredible opportunity this adventure is providing to grow in many ways. And - to be in the country and the state where the award-winning Santander chocolate is made!
This photo of a woodpecker was taken by Jey-hu with his fabulous zoom lens. He is enjoying having time to take walks and find these lovely little birds perched on the cactus. While the area where we are is really green, it is also limited in the amount of rain it gets, so we have a curious mixture of greenery from a more lush area and what is normally found in some desert climates as well.

Here is my shot of a recent sunset. The clouds over the mountains are constantly changing, making each day a photographer's dream. And there are so many beautiful views to be found as we negotiate various villages and cities in our search for plumbing materials.
This is what the road to Bucaramanga looks like as we descended along the Rio Chicamocha canyon, heading toward the city. There are about one million people in population and thousands of them ride "motos" everywhere. It's not uncommon even to find three people riding on one motorcycle!

If you want to buy groceries in Barichara, it is like going into the front parlor of someone's house where they have shelves and shelves of canned goods, flour, sugar, beverages, etc. and a few fresh items stacked up and then behind the counter is the door to where they live, usually quite modestly. The lady who sells ice is just across the street and she puts water in plastic tubes, freezes them and you can get four tubes of ice for about 1500 pesos (75 cents).

So you want to be a millionaire? Come to Colombia and go to the cash machine. Take out $500 U.S. dollars and you'll have one million pesos, depending on the exchange rate... then you can go to dinner at the most expensive restaurant in Barichara and your meal will be about $6 USD with plenty of great food to eat. What's not to like?

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