Friday, March 12, 2010

Heading south again...

But not as far as Colombia, unless you count the Columbia River. We plan to drive as far as Medford, Oregon to meet up with some friends, spend at least one night in the area and possibly get some decent "fun time" in after many weeks of dealing with various corporations on multiple issues.
The other morning when I went out to go and run an early morning errand, I was totally caught by surprise at having to wait - wait! (I'm beginning to think I might be getting infected with the Hurry Disease...) before I could drive anywhere. This is why. The frost on my windshield had to have a chance to melt. Kind of looks like Pluto from one of the Disney cartoons, don't you think? (I never did well on the Rorshach tests, either.)
Although it has been much cooler here, it hasn't stopped the buds from continuing to swell in preparation for what promises to be a fullsome spring. I planted four blueberry bushes in the back yard and they are racing each other to see who will come into flower first. And because our plans to return to the Colombia we love are dependent on several other things happening first, I am not sure if that will be before, during or after blueberry season.
With the help of my son, I was able to upload our bus trip video to YouTube so if you are interested, you can see what it was like to ride on the windy Colombian roads to Bucharamanga. (here's a short portion.) He is moving away, so this was our last chance to share a meal together for awhile. The promise of his journey is very exciting and will doubtless guide him toward doing more of the things he is skilled at with computers.

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