Monday, May 24, 2010

An invention needed...

I was reading the blog of an MM'er who announced forgetting to take a medication and it got me to thinking that an invention is needed for those who are trying to manage their own medications. It wouldn't need to be that complicated. A simple little digital clock surrounded by small drawers that could be filled up for a week. The individual would have to be alert enough to know not to take all seven in the drawer, however! Each time the pill needed to be taken, the clock - with sound choices - would beep, chirp, buzz or ring to report the time and the drawer would pop open. It would also need to be kept someplace that small and curious children could not gain access. I'm NOT capable of creating such a device, but I know another MM'er who probably could with all his electronic skills. Perhaps I will direct him to read this blog.

It's been raining much of the weekend, so it's been hard to get out and do anything for very long. And it's been unusually cold, so there hasn't been much motivation to stay out, either. I spent some time clearing out photos from my computer's storage to gain more space for the next adventure, and found myself yearning for a warmer place - tho not one from which I cannot return, either! So in line with those thoughts, I am posting some pictures of our last year's September sojourn to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

The fellow in the gold paint, dressed as a fireman, was taking a break at a local bar from being a statue... that particular day in September of '09, it was a blistering 90 degrees, so he can be excused. How he could choose that line of work in such a hot climate completely escapes me.

The photo of the open arch is world
-renowned and is often used for fashion shoots on the decks of heaving boats promoting "cruise wear" for the next season. the sea is seldom calm around these rocks at the "end" of land in Mexico's Baja. But the seals love it.

The sunset shown below really did generate all those magnificent colors and more - we were so lucky to have had that time together there!


  1. Having read your post yesterday I found myself dreaming about the arch last night. Mike and I were getting married in front of it. I think we might need a lottery win for that dream to come true.

  2. Such lovely photos once again, I loved the firefighter too!
    Back to the Medications. To save time for me and to help with ordering next batch, I make up two weeks worth of drugs at a time. These are placed in hourly dispensers, and I use little individual pill carriers for pocket use. It's funny how you become so used to saying "tablet time" second nature I suppose after 4 years. Then there are all the injections (different days for some) I often wonder how I ever manage to have a 'rest of my life' in inbetween Hospital Appointments.
    Thanks for your support to all x

  3. Gorgeous photos Sandy. I hope you don't mind but the bottom one is currently sitting in the middle of my desktop! I have now got a 6'2" medication alarm. B has no idea what I take but makes sure I don't go to bed without taking them.