Friday, November 12, 2010

Renting a house in Colombia

Just go around the corner and
you will see the entry - don't
bother to knock!
Once having located a house to rent, one of the requirements by this owner was to have someone who could 'vouch' for me as being someone who will honor the contract. I was fortunate that my friend at Corasoma was willing to take on that responsibility. Then one must appear in front of the notary and bring proof of identity, and be prepared to sign as well as imprint the index finger next to the signature along with the person vouching for you. In my case, the document was then sent on to the owner to sign and I will receive a notarized copy when that is completed.

See? This is the main entrance into the living area.
This is the view from the living room as if you were already in it. Can
I offer you a cup of tea? A gallieta (cookie) ? The kitchen is just in the
next room and I think I can hear the kettle whistling....
There is a formality insofar as the documentation goes, but I was allowed to move my personal items in before everything was completed based on the inherent trust that exists in this country - a pleasure to do business as a result. So before I left Barichara for Bogota I was moved in and the house will be waiting for my return in a few weeks.

Now I am back in Washington State closing out my life here and getting things sold, given away or packed up. I will be sorry to leave my wonderful Persian landlords behind as they have been incredibly generous in so many ways. Friends in Florida are waiting for me to come and celebrate the uniquely U.S. event of over-indulging in a large poultry dinner. Although I have seen turkeys roaming the roads of Colombia, I have never seen one being used for a meal. Interesting.

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