Thursday, January 26, 2012

Around the Lake

This is little Gwen Lake. I have no idea why or how it got
that name, unless an early settler named it after his wife or
daughter or maybe his mother. Who knows?
In order to keep up my commitment-to-exercise plan, I took a little walk around one of the many lakes that are the reason for this location in Florida to be called "Lake City." This one is very close to my home, but I am not blessed with a view. Maybe that's better because it forces me to walk to see it. Anyhow, along the way I noticed that the azaleas are starting to bust out, which means I may miss the Azalea Festival.
The azaleas are starting show their lovely colors already.

And as I was walking, this cat came up to greet me. That in itself is sort of amazing, since most cats tend to be somewhat standoffish. But then look what happened (See photos). This cat dropped right down in the middle of the road, and although this is not a very busy street, nevertheless, I would take this as somewhat risky behavior. While flipping over from side to side, obviously hoping for some tummy scratching, it finally simply just settled down and watched the approaching car without even flinching.

No, this is NOT a dead cat in the
middle of the road. This is a cat in the
 middle of the road with a death wish,
or possibly just showing off
how brave it is.

I watched, too, and in the end it was the car and driver who veered off to avoid the cat. The cat never moved! I saw a smile on the driver's face, and thus concluded that he was accustomed to dealing with this fearless feline as I saw him turning into a nearby driveway. But what about those drivers who are not cat-conscious?

Maybe this is the clue that we are coming to the End of Times - when dogs acts more like cats and cats do more dog-like things, when the weather is upside-down with snow falling in places it normally doesn't and isn't coming down in places where it usually does. We are rushing toward the December 21 deadline for Something To Happen, but I am unsure that there is anyone who really has a clue.

The cat just stayed in the road watching the car approach.
It was the car that took evasive action, not the cat.
Suddenly it is nearing the end of January and, according to one of the astrological blogs I follow, the next seven days are critical for World Peace. The writer asks for us to pray until February 4 and hope/intend that no rogue nation does something foolish to upset the delicate balance in place at present.

I see no harm in promoting seven days of conscious prayer and/or intending the world's people can put aside their prejudices and imagine being peaceful. 

The biggest obstacle I have is that most people cannot stop arguing for a day, never mind seven of them, and that seems like an important mental and emotional shift when it comes to political beliefs - and those appear to be the elements of conflict both locally and globally. At any rate, I am willing to suspend my disbelief in this matter for seven days.

Will you join me in this intention? "Intending that everyone, everywhere is having a moment of imagining a world at peace and this imagining is growing every day until peace is the only acceptable solution, for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and so it is.... Whooooooo!"


  1. What a gorgeous kitty! A real bad-ass bitch, huh? When are you headed back South?

  2. Sandy, Interesting post. I grew up near the 'Island Grove" a small park beside a large pond. One college summer I was a caretaker, trimming trees, clearing brush, raking the small beach etc. I would arrive for work at 7am and would have the place to myself for an hour or so. There was one spot on a wooded section of the shoreline, where I'd sit on a log drinking my coffee looking out over the water. The trees and undergrowth around my secret spot ran down to the edge of the water and blocked from my view the few houses and the roadway on the other side of the pond. It had the feeling, (with a bit of imagination), of being away from civilization. I began each day of that summer with that view and retain the image in my memory as clear as if I sat in that spot this morning.

    I join you in your intention imagining world peace for the next seven days and thereafter... Stephen Greene
    (This post was accidentally deleted by me, so I had to post it this way. So sorry, Stephen!! I really do appreciate your readership.)

  3. oh, that kitty - i can just imagine he/she felt some spark of recognition and knew you would be receptive and delighted at the antics displayed right in front of you, and in the street!

    i accept your invitation to envision world peace. my grandchildren are coming over tomorrow, i and will talk to them about that. perhaps the element of their precious innocence will lend some power to our own inner longings. thank you, sandy for passing along such a wonderful idea, and i agree - couldn't hurt. gratefully, karen sutherland