Sunday, July 22, 2012


My granddaughter is playing on the piano while she is WAITING for her friend to arrive for a play date. I am watching over her while I am WAITING for news as to whether the midwife has determined the twins are going to arrive anytime soon. The cats here are WAITING for sunny weather to bring out the bugs so they can chase them. I expect that my son-in-law is also WAITING with my daughter as the time is really close. We distract ourselves from even paying very close attention to what is going on in this WAITING time.

Mountain flowers in Washington State.
What is the purpose of WAITING? It is a time for reflection, pondering, even grieving in some cases - because in the WAITING time there is change in the air and we can grieve, even in a joyful way, for what will be new and different from the old and familiar. These two new lives will bring great and wonderful changes to all around them and it looks like now they will be born under the sign of Leo, not Cancer as many expected. It is a marvel that they will be full-term twins but the WAITING has been very hard on my daughter in so many ways. And as a parent, and mother, being able to bring relief is gratifying, while watching and WAITING along with an adult child has its own kind of challenge.


  1. dear sandy,

    what a good observation on some of what "waiting" is all about. i hope there has been good news about when the babies are coming and that it has given some relief to your daughter and son-in-law. they are blessed to have you and all your capacity to be loving, supportive and reflective of what they are going through, as well your wisdom of what the birth of 2 new children will bring to your family. i wish the babies safe passage into the arms of their parents and much joy to you as those tiny souls slip into your heart in a split second at your first sight of them. keep us posted - i've the feeling that we all could use some happy news. love and hugs, karen

  2. Can't wait to hear that the twins have arrived! What a wonderful world you are about to experience with a "pair of grandchildren". Waiting can be so very hard...

  3. Thank you, Karen and Linda, for your comments. Still WAITING... my friend Carol said that this is also a time to enjoy the anticipation of their arrival, these moments before everything changes. Several "twin moms' have come by bringing food or flowers, and they understand as no one else can what we are about to experience.

  4. The twins arrived on Wednesday, July 25th, within15 minutes of each other in the early morning hours, weighing about seven and half pounds each, and very healthy. Everyone is doing quite well in the adjustment and they are darling little souls! Pictures coming soon!

  5. oh, sandy - what joyful news! i am so thrilled for you and the babies parents. can't wait to see the photos of your precious new grandchildren. love and hugs, karen

  6. I was just going to say that we are waiting for a post to see if the babies arrived but I see now that they have. Now I am waiting for details and pictures!

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