Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tending the Twins

The modern conveyances - car seats.
The arrival last week of the twins - a boy first and then the girl, 15 minutes apart - was a week of adjustments. My eight-year old granddaughter stayed with her nanny at the nanny's family house for three nights which helped her get rested up for being at home where sleep is interrupted regularly with the yowls of hungry or gas-filled babies and howls of displaced (three) cats. It is not enough for the cats to protest with sound, but at least one of them left several nasty green vomits, unseen in the dark, on the rug in the basement where I was walking with one of the restless babes.

Mom and Dad are pleased with the products which were well over projected arrival weights, and came with fingernails, lovely reddish gold angel hair on top and Baby Boy "K" has already smiled to show off his dimples. Sister "H" not to be outdone, demonstrated how strong she is by rolling over on the bed! While Bigger Sis is not all that impressed with these two interlopers, she does bestow kisses quite regularly on their heads and tiny hands.

It's been a wonderful, awe-inspiring journey to get to part where we watch daily for the changes that demonstrate good growth. So far, so very good!

The hardest part for me will be leaving... heading back to my Other Life as a retired granny, because in this daily demand for granny help, I have felt necessary, useful and purposeful. Not that I don't feel that in my Other Life, but being of service to your children is, as one friend put it, "the highest calling for a parent."

My S-I-L said today, "The wonderful thing about having babies when you are older as parents is that you can truly enjoy today, with less fear because you know you have already brought one along..." and there is a sort of relief in even the crying because it doesn't last forever either.

The fatigue is greater, however, for all... harder to get through days where the nights are foreshortened with distress, demands for feeding or something that cannot be determined. The nanny for my granddaughter has been a wonderful asset and a treasure for keeping structure for a little girl who is struggling to make sense of a mother who is now dividing her time five ways instead of only three (her husband, her daughter and herself). But it will all get itself sorted out.

Meanwhile, to all my readers, thank you for your attendance on this great good news!


  1. OMG! What a wonderful experience for you all involved. It was always a wish for myself to either have twins or be a Gram to twins. Unfortunately, I did get pregnant with twin boys only to lose them in the 6th month. Enjoy for as long as you can. They are precious wonders of life.

  2. oh, sandy, baby k and miss pretty are so adorable! i was feeling a little blah this evening, but when i saw you had posted and looked at the photos, i perked right up. how fortunate your little grand daughter got to have such loving care from her wonderful nanny. whenever i see a tiny baby with an accompanying older sibling i always tell the big brother or sister how lucky the new baby is to have them BEFORE i admire the baby. moms and dads are grateful to have their older ones not left out of all excitement surrounding the new family members. congratulations to the whole family, and thanks for sharing those darling photos. hugs, karen sutherland

  3. Oh, Sandy! They are absolutely GORGEOUS! I'm so happy for your family, my friend.... xoxo

  4. Sandy, you must be over the moon. They are so beautiful! *sigh*