Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sleep Deprived in Seattle

It has been three weeks since the twins were born, three weeks since I started being a Mother's Helper to my daughter, three weeks since I've had more than a few hours of sleep in succession - just like my daughter. Tonight actually is the second night in a row that I will have had at least five hours of uninterrupted sleeping, thanks to the Night Nanny. Two days ago my daughter looked at me with that kind of battle-worn fatigue and said, "We will have relief in two days... we can make it!" We have.
Mr K is asleep right now, but when he wakes up.....
The boy has established himself as a screamer... when he wakes up he is hun-gar-ree and he wants to eat RIGHT NOW! Changing his diaper first just enrages him and he is absolutely certain he is being deliberately tortured. His scream tone conveys that very well.
Miss H was sleeping on my chest for this shot.
The girl is laid back. She knows food is coming, she wants to enjoy it with a dry diaper and is willing to let us administer to her without much 'sturm und drang' (fuss). I have already been rewarded by a huge smile from Miss H and although it is early for any baby to truly smile in recognition, Miss H is a most remarkable baby... of course, being my grandchild I would have that opinion in any case.

I only have a few more weeks before I leave and although the hours of missed sleep are beginning to take their toll - I cannot remember simple things like how to spell the name of that white stuff in a tub that goes on a bagel for the grocery lists - I am going to miss even more those special little faces that are only just now beginning to be really interesting creatures.

And, I should add, I will miss my 8-year old granddaughter who further endeared herself to me by showing her big heart and showering her baby sister and brother with some of her particular love. There are challenging days ahead, but Big Sis E is, I think, up to the task.

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  1. dear sandy - after eagerly awaiting an update on you and the babies, i love this post. mr.K and miss H are beyond adorable! how lovely for you to have the chance to see both of their personalities emerging, albeit, at all hours of the night and day. i know watching your little 8 yr. old grand daughter dispensing her special big sister love is such a beautiful thing to be witness to. and ya just gotta LOVE the wonderful night nanny! happy grandmomming! hugs, karen s.