Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby K and Miss Pretty

Miss Pretty

Baby K in his dozing burghermeister pose.
Thanks to one of my more devoted readers and commentors, (I'm talking about you, Karen!) the twins have received nicknames that really seem to suit them right now. They also have other nicknames used en famille which are hopefully not going to stay with them forever so I won't use them here.

Holding Baby K's hands for a bottle feeding.
Baby K is a strong fellow. He is way ahead of the norms for strength and so giving him a bottle is like trying to wrestle with a small python... "No, I'm the granny, I'll give you the bottle." His forceful, unworded reply, "No, I'm the baby and I'm starving here, so I'll just take the bottle!" Sometimes he looks like a burghermeister about to give his ruling on the taste test for some rather nasty beer, and other times he smiles with such a winning and dimply smile my heart simply flips over and I know he is going to have that same effect on some vulnerable young lady years from now.

Miss Pretty's big smile.

Baby K trying to hold his own bottle with his papa.
Miss Pretty could easily be on all those baby commercials with her delicate pursed up mouth and an amazing smile that is truly given in recognition, not from gas. She was the leader in weight when she arrived, but her brother has out-distanced her by several pounds now. Not too surprising as once he started really eating, he is taking in 1/3 more at each feeding than she is. But it is her delicacy that has earned her this blog moniker, and when you hold her, (for all you doll people) she is reminder of those days when you played with a friend's life-size doll-baby and wished you'd get one of your own for Christmas.

Is there a Girl Scout badge for this?
Big Sis & huge cookie!
We took the children to a Girl Scout picnic where everyone got a chance to hold them, and two of the little girls in Big Sis E's troop took quite a bit of time away from the water sports to practice their holding skills. By my calculations, in eight years these two young ladies may be good candidates for baby-sitting and by then Big Sis may need all the help she can get!

Now comes the sad part, friends. I have to head back to Colombia for awhile and while Big Sis E has her moments of being frustrated with all the crying, shrieking, babbling, and flatulent noises that babies make, it has been made clear to me that I will be fully checked before leaving the house to make sure I haven't tried to hide one or both of them in my luggage.

So tiny those little feet...
Baby K on his daddy's arm.
I don't want to go, and this time with the family has been an awesome one. It was approached with trepidation, not knowing how much any of us could stand of the other being around ALL the time, but we have proved that we could manage the stress, the fatigue - and the joys - for the singular objective of giving these twins the best start they could have in life.

Baby K is growing exponentially daily...
Amazingly these two months have flown by and like so many life experiences, there will never be any like this again. I am glad I made the offer to be here and as it turned out, there were several times when it was clear it was Divine Planning for me to do so. And it also means this is the end of twin-shots until I see them again.

No tears... no wailing or gnashing of teeth. No long, drawn-out goodbyes, no special promises... just going. I will miss these two little rascals desperately and hope I am given the chance to return and to re-acquaint myself with them... it is up to the Higher Authority as to when that might be.
Mt. Rainier in the dusky light of sunset in September.


  1. Mt. Rainier looks amazing in that shot there. Who would think it is actually an active super volcano?

    1. Like the prognosticators for New Orleans said, "IF is not the operative word. WHEN it (hurricane & storm surge) happens, we will wish we were better prepared." So much will depend on the direction of lava flow, wind on the ash plume, and the season... more likely to have a greater influx of tourists during the summer months.

  2. dear sandy - oh, gosh, i'm so honored you so liked my "miss pretty" and "baby k", that you now refer to those precious darlings that way (at least in your blog!). those photos are amazing - miss pretty's smile made me "awwwwww" out loud. and baby k, asserting his bottle holding rights - postively adorable. tiny fingers, baby toes (the name of a game we played with our grandchildren 0000 - so delicious!) i know your heart will be heavy with sadness when you leave - how could it be otherwise? but i do truly believe that what you spoke about in giving the twins the best start in their lives as was possible will be an important consolation - your being with them will always be a huge part of their family history. i loved the photo of big sis; i bet she will always remember how meaningful this time has been with you, making sure she felt special and included. and how wonderful it is that she got to show off the babies at the girl scout picnic. and yes, there SHOULD be a badge for proper baby-holding! i wish you a safe trip back to columbia dear lady, and hope you feel contentment as you arrive home; how fortunate we are if we are able to say that it's wonderful to have adventures away, but so lovely to be back home. warm hugs, karen s.

  3. They are absolutely GORGEOUS, my friend!