Thursday, September 20, 2012

United Nations World Day of Peace - Sept. 21

A Chihuly lily in glass in Seattle.
I will make this brief. My grandmother, Elsa, tried to bring about a day of world peace back in the 1930's when she traveled around the world - on her own dollar - to meet the nation's leaders. She also wrote a book of poetry called "Unity in the Spirit," which was never a best seller, and in fact she was self-published and I think, for the most part, gave the book away. But I honor her memory today because she made the effort to stop wars, never knowing that most countries have them as an economic necessity.

Today is the beginning of the Lothlorian Peace Festival in France and a world-wide effort to bring about a three-day moratorium on all news to give people a chance to meditate on the approach of Elenin (September 26 Elenin creates a cosmic convergence by passing between the sun and the earth.) and to focus on hope, not despair, since it is rare for news to report on anything good.

I have an idea -- why not sell the open space in newspapers, like the Emperor's New Clothes?

Tony Burroughs, a founder of the Intenders and the Vision Alignment Project, is one of many leaders of this effort to "be the change you want to see." From the information about the movement: "The critical mass number is 144,000, which concerns the energy of numerology referring to the number 9, as in 1+4+4+000 = 9 and representing completion and Divine Will. Because both the day of the global meditation on peace 9/23/2011, and the Mayan Calendar designating this period the 9th wave, the energy of 3x9s is present. In numerology tripling anything increases its energy exponentially, which is why there is a unique opportunity here."

Please join us in this effort... please.


  1. What a great legacy she left you! Do you have a copy of her book?

    It is sad that most people today still don't know that wars are an economic necessity.

    1. I do have a copy of her book - somewhere. If I can find it, I will print one of her poems here, because that is mostly what is in the book. She was in France during WWI learning to do nursing and also wanting to be close to her husband. Sadly he died over there, not at the front but in a car accident, and she stayed for awhile afterwards. What she saw, she told me, convinced her that wars are brutal and, from her point of view, useless.

  2. dear sandy,

    oh, i do hope you can find your grandmother's book so we can read one of her poems. plus, it would be a lovely touchstone for you to be able to look through it as a memorial tribute to what she longed for. she would be so proud of you, and thrilled that you took on and valued what she felt about stupid, @%&$ing war.

    elenin - hmmm - the 26th is my darling hugh's birthday. there are many who would say they bless the day he was born, right along with me. so maybe this year it will be even more fortuitous, though we will surely be be mindful of how powerful hope is and align with you and others to make it's bright light shine down to douse out all the bad news we find ourselves exposed to.

    this was a very interesting post, sandy - i will read more about tony borroughs, intenders, and vision alignment project. thanks for the heads up.

    oh, gosh - missing the babies. hopefully, you will be able to receive wonderful photos that will make you have big smiles and light up your life everytime you look at them. you will still miss them, but have a bit of consolation, too.

    warm hugs,

    karen, the commentor

  3. Certainly peace is a worthy albeit challenging goal.

    If you can find the book you should have it scanned so it can be digitized and distributed as you see fit and thus make it much easier to preserve her poems.