Thursday, November 8, 2012

Taking recycling to high fashion

Last night, after a couple of days of participating in the project at a very minor level (offering up a hammer, an ice tray and a couple of whacks) I watched the presentation of the Aquileo Parra school's recycled fashion show.
I would have liked to have a closer look at some of these
creations; very creative work happening here!
This was my personal favorite of the show; those are bottle caps used in
the bodice and the old umbrella has been brought to life with snack liners.
Dress made from egg cartons, left, dress from used CDs in
the middle and the one on the right is a variety of materials.
Who would imagine that you can take the plastic sacks used for chips and snacks and make them into a dress? Have you even seen a dress created out of old plastic CDs? Or a vest made from bottle caps? The mission was to create something out of a thing that was already used... there was a dress made from unraveling the cardboard of toilet and paper towel rolls, and another out of old egg cartons, and I was amazed at what could be created from newspaper and magazines!

By the way, the hammering was because the bottle caps have to be flattened to be attached to the fabric or paper being used. You can see that result in the dress with the girl carrying the umbrella.

The vivienda of the casa where I am
now living was a participant with this
colorful creation.

The use of newspaper, snack bags, candy wrappers and other recycled bits
were colorfully attached for this evening dress!
Unfortunately my camera flash could not overcome the deep darkness of the venue, so these are not the best of shots. But I hope that world-wide this idea will catch on because the children are so creative, and it helps to raise awareness of how much waste we create. It was a high-energy evening, but they didn't use up much electricity for it.

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