Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vendée Globe started today... 80+ days solo sailing

A magical send off for the Vendée Globe

By Vendée Globe media today at 5:25 pm10 November 2012
Vendee Globe 2012-2013 start


  1. There are plenty of social media sites that are following this (FB, Twitter, etc.) but I watched the start and was excited for the 14 boats that were right on the line at the start (5 were over early and had to restart, one boat had to return for repairs) and will be following this race from time to time over these next 80+ days. I love sailing and I'd love to 'go sailing' on one of these boats, but not for a nearly three-month stint.

  2. For those of you watching this race on your computers or the newswires, you may already be aware that two of the 20 boats have had to withdraw from the race due to accidents causing damage that made continuing impossible. If you want to get regular updates, go to and sign up to be notified. The first boat that had to return for repairs (damage done near the start) was back in the race the next night and is gradually catching up to the fleet, but the other two have damage that cannot be quickly repaired (one the keel fell off and other hit a trawler). Too sad for those skippers.