Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wintery scenes of the Olympic Peninsula

It is more than chilly in the NW... it is COLD! I am missing Colombia in a lot of ways, but having to double-wrap myself before going out is only one of the reasons I yearn to be further south!

Here are some views of the Olympic Peninsula taken recently when I felt brave enough to venture out.
John Wayne Marina, part of the Port of Port Angeles, WA under a
wintery sky. I love the faint reflection of the fading sun on the pavement.
These are from Port Townsend, WA... the first shot was taken through a rain-spattered car window. The next two were with the window down and the deer was completely unfazed by our presence.

A local told me that the deer in Port Townsend are starting
to be a serious problem. Gangs of young males are
congregating under trees in the city and becoming
threatening... not unlike teenagers, it seems.

This last 'deer' shot is from an SUV parked in Sequim outside a rock shop. I love the sense of humor of the local population here! Someone put a Santa hat and colored things on the Elk that welcomes everyone to Sequim, too. Hilarious!

And finally, the heavy clouds of this season over Discovery Bay as we headed back home from the trip to the craft fair which was huge and impressive and I forgot to take my camera inside with me... too wet and too far to walk back to the car to get it. Sigh.
Winter's brief light over Discovery Bay, WA.

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