Monday, April 8, 2013

A Sweet Little Casita in Colombia

I remember the first time I saw this little casita in Barichara, and I thought then it would be a lovely place to live. Unfortunately, it was not for sale then and I cannot afford it now, although it is much more reasonable than many houses for sale in the city.

If you go to this link you can see all the photos for yourself. $190,000 millions works out to about $105,000 USD today which is pretty affordable if you are working and can afford a second home. There are flights from Orlando, FL, every day to Bogota now and I've just heard that Delta is going to start offering service as well. If you read back on my blog, you will discover how lovely Barichara is for a place to retreat to from your busy life, and this would be a delicious place to call home there.
Casa Itaca - a view of the Cathedral - for Sale!
Estas son las fotos de Casa Itaca. La casa tiene 199mts 100 mts construidos. Tapia pisada. Madera de los techos en cucharo.
Desde la puerta principal se ve la Catedral tiene  una terraza con vista a todo Barichara Los papeles en regla. (Translation: These are the photos of House Ithaca. The house is 100 meters construidos. Tapia 199 mts tread. Wooden beams throughout, especially nice in the kitchen.
From the front door you can see the Cathedral. It has a terrace overlooking Barichara; all the papers are in order.)

The garden is small, but can be seen from the kitchen and one of the bedrooms. It is very clean and ready to move into. I know the owner has taken very good care of it, and it has been well-maintained.

Please, if you decide to contact the seller, let them know you saw it here. I probably won't realize anything from my promotion of it, but I would be interested to know if someone finding it here decided to buy it. You can contact Shayo here: for more information.


  1. That's sweet of you to try to help the sellers out, honey!

  2. By the way, the U.S. State Department has upgraded their information about Colombia and you can read the news report here: and what it basically says is that "thousands of people visit Colombia as tourists each year without incident." That's what I've been trying to say in my blog... it's worth the trip!