Thursday, April 18, 2013

Open Mic on the Peninsula

This bird is not waiting for the open mic event...
but I am!
I was invited to an "open mic" event at the Sequim Senior Center last night and I was unprepared for the level of talent that appeared on stage. This is a weekly event, and anyone who wants to perform is welcome to sign in and gets a two-song, two-poem, two-somethings (about 10 minutes on average) before a tolerant crowd.

So you'll be thinking, "Oh yeah, seniors stepping up to the mic to recall days gone by, or worse yet, thinking they can still sing or dance or some such foolishness..." but you'd be oh so very wrong. Yes, there are seniors among the performers (50's and up) but they are some of the pros on guitars, dobros, mandolins, piano, and in song.

Here is Rick Burch (age unknown) presenting a song he wrote "Loosen the Chains," and while the YouTube upload is not the best, you get an idea of what last night was like. I am going to take my own equipment next week and do some recordings to share with you and you will see what I mean....
Rick Burch and friend
UPDATE: Here is Rick Burch singing his original song "What the Children Have to Say" now on YouTube. I went there to video it for him, but for reasons best left alone, the video done by someone else was the one that was uninterrupted and thus a better version. What is important is that he finally has it up for people to see and hear. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and just so you know, I am not getting paid for this testimonial, but I think there's some talent here that may have gone unnoticed for too long... like the 84-year old singing the old cowboy song by Jim Reeves, "Four Walls" and it could be re-lyricized (is that a word?) for a lot of humor. Stay tuned!!



    Come on out and join the fun, its free!

    1. Thank you, Richard, for adding that critical piece of information!!! There are repeat performers and new ones each week as well...

  2. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post!

    There really is some serious talent there and it is a lot of fun to go see. I haven't played there yet, but hope to soon.

    See everyone there!