Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cold... isn't news

But me writing novel during the month of November is, and even more impressive is that my ten-year old granddaughter is also writing as well.

I suspect she is making better progress than I am... according to the statistics, I should be generating something like 1,675 words a day. I can just about do that over the weekend.

I haven't talked to her about her plot, but mine is about two teen-aged boys who get kidnapped by their bi-polar father and how the journey of lifetime takes a lifetime to forget.

Based on a true story told to me awhile ago, I tried to find the storyteller again and last I heard he was possibly in Tennessee, but attempts to reach him were unsuccessful. If my story gets optioned, I'll let the publishing house hire a detective to track him down.

Learning that a salmon patty is NOT gluten-free... sigh.
The other bit of news for me is that I've pretty well determined that I am gluten-intolerant.

I'm intolerant of other things, too - people who justify all their behaviors as being God-directed, waiting in long lines, too-early Christmas messages presented as "holiday" messages, public radio and television stations masking advertising as 'donors,' service people at stores who are unable to give clear directions on the phone on how to drive to the place where they work, seniors who act proud of not being able to use computers or smart phones and mechanics who don't bother to ask me if I know anything about the internal combustion engine before they start talking down to me about what they think is wrong with my car.

That's only a partial list... LOL! Seriously, after a week of eliminating ALL wheat products from my food sources (and that stuff is hidden in a lot of crazy places!) I am feeling better, sleeping better and - finally - losing weight. My final clue was a flour-based chocolate chip cookie - just one - which left me feeling bloated, thirsty and gave me a headache an hour later.

And the next day someone asked if I'd read "Wheat Belly" by William Davis, M.D. when I was complaining about not being able to enjoy that cookie. So I got it, and surprise! All my complaints and others were outlined as being a "wheat addict." I'd even told a friend recently that if I could only have two things on my menu one would be warm French bread with butter and chocolate cake with real vanilla buttercream frosting.

Chicken Almond salad with green onions and celery... yum!
So, interesting observation.... no more wheat, no more cravings after five days being wheat-free. Who'da thunk it? I've been learning a lot about how the wheat of the past, the wheat that was in my early life, is NOT the same wheat today. Did you know that scientists, in their effort to create faster-growing, more cost-effective acreage yield, have created a strain of wheat that is smaller but it is also truly incompatible with many human digestive systems?

Get this book and read it for yourself. If you are pre-diabetic, diabetic, having digestive problems, arthritis symptoms, craving sugars, feeling depressed or feeling like you can't think clearly (to name a few issues created by wheat allergies) you may be gluten-sensitive, too.

I think that when I was living in Colombia I didn't eat much food with flour in it and I was walking a lot, so it was healthier for me. But as soon as I came back to the U.S. I started eating all those things I couldn't get further south. And it didn't help that my adrenal glands were struggling as well.

So I cleaned out my pantry of everything containing wheat... crackers, flours, pastas, salad dressings with blue cheese and bread mold in them (used to ferment cheese), sausages, soups, any ingredients in seasoning mixes that might have barley malt, barley extract, dextrin and maltodextrin, corn chips and trail mixes. I'm still discovering foods and ingredients that are truly gluten-free.

I'll check back in with y'all in a week, but based on my personal research, I'm pretty sure that at the least this is going to be a healthier option for me.


  1. I just wanted to add that this is not just another 'fad' and there is a lot of science and data to show that wheat sensitivity is affecting a lot of people... what if, 50 years from now, they find out that Alzheimer's is directly related to long-term, undiagnosed, wheat allergy? Think about it.

  2. Hey, baby! Just saw this and immediately thought of you. (My triglycerides are normal thanks to cutting out this stuff!) NAN

    1. Thanks for adding another nail in the coffin of commercial wheat, Nan... hope my pals in the UK do some research to make sure they are getting unadulterated, clean and organic wheat.

  3. When more people realize that there isn't one item in the food stores that was put there for your benefit, then they will help change what the companies make and try to sell. We are all too easily sold the lies on TV/radio/print. Thanks for bringing this up and good luck with your change. One of my daughters has the same problem and has been gluten free for yrs. It has made a big difference in her health.
    Annoying Mouse

  4. Deciding to do the Nanowrimo this year has been a guarantee that I get blocked. I don't know what that is, rebellion, I suppose, even against myself. I have LOTS to say about dietary changes, but simply sometimes allergies appear and disappear it can have a lot to do with health of the intestinal tract, pH balance and stress.

  5. Well, it's clear that removing 'regular' wheat from my foods has had a positive effect, but it's not certain that most carbohydrates may simply be too much for my system to manage until my metabolism gets functioning more like it used to. I think some of this is due to my adrenal glands getting worn out (like the battery in your car) and I am seeing some improvement with medication from my naturopathic physician. I will continue through the end of the year and see how it goes. It's like trying to alter a suit; changing something in one area seems to affect how the suit hangs in others.... One thing is certain, being wheat-less during Thanksgiving was pretty challenging, but I didn't go hungry!! I hope all my readers are getting enough to eat, too.