Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sturm and Drang

I guess I was holding my breath for a miracle.

But January 20th came and went and I was feeling a little discouraged.... until Jan. 21, which turned out to be a Magnificent Day around the world when the miracle arrived!
Seattle, WA, as seen from the Bainbridge Ferry.
The Women's March outpost in Seattle brought over 175,000 folks according to a news station when only 30,000 were expected. And so it was around the world, even as far away as Antarctica. People, not just women, were peacefully assembling to stand up for themselves and everyone else. NO riots, no roughness, just holding up signs, having a few speeches and many wearing pink hats.

It was historic on so many levels.

I will not dwell on anything negative because my intent is to support progress, not slow that train down with logs on the rails. I am not putting my head in the sand, either, and there are some things occurring which should make all of us who are standing, walking or sitting in protest be prepared to take more action if necessary.

Let's remember... and let's stay aware and not let the energy of January 21 be defused.

From Wikipedia: The term Sturm und Drang first appeared as the title of a play by Friedrich Maximilian Klinger, written for Abel Seyler's Seylersche Schauspiel-Gesellschaft and published in 1776. The setting of the play is the unfolding American Revolution, in which the author gives violent expression to difficult emotions and extols individuality and subjectivity over the prevailing order of rationalism. 

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