Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Hebrew Letters Experience

א Aleph

"The Creator, the Divine spark secured to the physical, the ultimate paradox as the transcendent one comes to us in matter creating an invisible reality in a visible embodiment. Through the incarnate one all matter is incarnate, beyond name or form. Air." (From the Hebrew Letters Course taught by Joe Woodbury in 2016 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, Everson, WA)

In the Tarot, the first card is "The Fool," the moment of Divine Consciousness, the middle of the Tree of Life, potential purity.

Last  year, about this same time, I re-entered into my Tarot and Kabbalah wisdom studies along with encouragement from my friend Carol Joy B. She was already taking a class with her husband, Joe, learning about the Hebrew letters and I was invited to join in. It felt quite right to study the influences of the letters as they appear on the 22 Tarot cards and both Carol and I immersed ourselves in that study.

Carol went farther, however, and soon she was opening up her heart and mind to the Source and was channeling/connecting to the greater mysteries. She translated Psalm 91 from the King James Bible back into the Hebrew letters and re-translated that into the spiritual, living message from God showing the timelessness of the letters.

"He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." (KJV) (Line one... I am not going to print out all of line one, but just the first three letters - Yod, Sin, Bet.)
"Father, son and spirit are transforming me as Spirit penetrates and infuses my life in an actual embrace (in intimate connection)."

For me this was just the beginning of understanding how the Hebrew language can teach us how to allow ourselves to live in a state of grace. Carol and I studied the word "grace" using the Tarot (temperance / card number 15) and the Hebrew letter Samekh ס. See how the circle of the letter brings us around; that 'living in grace' means we have our sails set, and we are moving forward, listening to the wind of God pulling/pushing us "buoyantly along." (Carol's interpretation). And each letter has something to teach us, both in its shape and the meaning as Carol has discovered.

In the days since that introduction, progress has been made in both our lives. I have deepened my appreciation for the value of focusing my thoughts so that I choose to be happy, generating more delightful moments, meeting more interesting people, having more of the life I want. 

Carol has carried her studies forward and has developed a meditation using channeled wisdom, teaching those who wish to learn how the letters can reveal our purpose, comfort us, and show the enduring love the Creator has for us.

I have posted the letters here with their various bits of information but you can find a lot more at What you won't find is the wonderful meditation that Carol Joy B. has channeled and is presenting in Yuma, AZ at present. I will post here a way for contacting her and arranging for her presentation when she is ready to 'set her sails' for that journey.

What I feel developing is something that a presenter on National Public Radio recently said about how we are shifting our communications back (or forward to) an oral tradition from the written word. Over 500 years ago there were few people who could read and they depended on priests, oracles and other 'leaders' to speak The Word to them and that was their Truth. 

Eventually as folks learned to read, there was The Bible/The Koran/The Talmud providing them with their truth, but since there are many interpretations of it, those 'words' have different variants and meaning. More years, more books, more readers and fast forward to the digital age when words are coming at us fast and furiously. How do we select which ones hold our own Truth?

It comes down to being able to focus our attention in such a way that only that which brings us to the reality we want to create can be allowed in. It's an interesting premise which is supported by the Law of Attraction. For readers of "The Secret," or any of Abraham Hicks or Neville Goddard, it makes perfect sense. And the Hebrew Letters provide the portal for this focusing of our attention. In the last letter, Tav, we have our answer.
ת‬ Tav

A Resh released, poured out, the cross. Let it not make sense, the language to throw you out of your comfort zone. Transforming the mind to a level of consciousness that is spiritual, the cross. 

In Tarot this card is "The Universe," the positive and negative forces, made manifest but NOT by ego dominance; as Jesus said, "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit." Moon and Sun are now one, light and dark now allow consciousness to be fully open; new life.

Although Hebrew is read and written from right to left, the following table shows the letters in order from left to right.
Alef GimelDalet ZayinHetTetYodKaf
LamedMem SamekhAyin TsadiQofResh Tav

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  1. I would also add that reading "A Course in Miracles" and doing the workbook two years in a row was extremely helpful in my receptivity about the messages to be discovered in the Hebrew Letters.