Sunday, October 25, 2009

Change is in the air

The weather has changed in Washington and we are in the midst of fall with waves of rain and clouds coming onshore so that we only get little gaps of sunshine. There is something encouraging about these dreary days and the ensuing dark mornings that move us toward the winter solstice and lengthening hours once again.

But there is more change in the air, with our consideration of the possibility to spend some months this winter working for a friend of Jey-hu's in a more southern climate. His friend and his friend's wife have a goal to create an international wholistic retreat in a South American country. We have been struggling here to keep things moving, but the commercial activities have slowed to a pace well below that of the snails in our yard... so we're heading south for a few months to do some work at the retreat and consider our next goal.
The container arrived... for us to pack some of our stuff, some of the stuff needed by the Campo Crew at the retreat, and some entertainment items - guitar, tambourine and keyboard!

We have been blessed with good health, no sniffles, no colds, no flu! And we intend to keep on that path for sure. Reading a blog about the benefits of elderberries against the influenza viruses A & B reminded me of that old Tom T. Hall song where he sings about old dogs and children and "watermelon wine." (I met Tom T. when I lived in Boise, Idaho too many years ago...) But it reminds me that some of the "old-tyme" remedies really do have some value. And from what I've been reading about the H1N1 flu shot, I am NOT convinced that there has been enough work on it for it to be safer than elderberry wine...

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  1. How exciting this all is. I shall look forward to these travels and hearing about this new venture. Take care Sandy and enjoy it all.