Saturday, October 17, 2009

Following the Sun

It seems like I'm a sun worshipper, but I really cannot take the credit or the blame.... for all the rain that fell on Seattle as soon as I left for Denver! Or for the balmy days and sunshine that I've enjoyed during the past week while I've been in Boulder visiting relatives.
The University of Colorado had Parent's Weekend so Pearl Street was crowded and many of the outdoor cafes were jammed with folks enjoying the autumn day. It was definitely short-sleeve shirt weather, at least until the sun began to drop a little. Then it cooled off dramatically!

Instead of the usual guitar players on Pearl, there was a chamber orchestra playing for tips...
definitely a college town showing off their best! And curiously, there was a strangely dressed lady blowing up balloons - even though clearly the crowd was well beyond the balloon-blow-up stage.
My guide suggested that there are more than the usual numbers of homeless or vagrant types panhandling on Pearl as well. No one actually approached me for a handout, or even spoke to me. I guess they just hope their grimy clothes and sad expressions will speak for them.... What an eclectic mix of society turned out today. I was glad to be walking about in the sunshine, although it was unsettling to think of poor Jey-hu slogging through Seattle in the rain.


  1. Well Sandy you do get about, and now in Denver! lovely photos to set the scene too. My eldest Son is in Seattle this week for the launch of Windows 7(microsoft man) he was complaining about the rain for the first few days and now we have it here in England after a rather dry spell. I love your travels keep them coming please. Take care.

  2. Thank you, Susie -- I am in the midst of loading that container shown in my most recent post... we head south mid-November and I will have lots more adventures to share then!!! Thanks for being one of my most avid followers!