Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last night of the honey-moon

The moon is full and what a treat for our last night here! We walked on the beach for the last sunset, after an afternoon doing a special ceremony called the Temazcal, a steam bath of pre-Hispanic origin. This ceremony of purification and healing is a powerful way for anyone to re-focus energy and perhaps find special guidance.

Our 'guide' for this ceremony was a young man with a family who has been living in this area for over a decade. Trained to do this ceremony, he brought very good energy into the event and we came away glad that we had made the choice to invest time and pesos on it.

We decided to have dinner at Siempre, the on-site restaurant here at the Spa. It's focus is Asian-Mediterranean cuisine with Mexican seasonings. They don't widely advertise that the chef only chooses organic foods to cook with from local vendors. But we had eaten lunch here a couple of times, I'd had breakfast once, and we felt we couldn't go wrong. We were absolutely right! What a lovely dinner, good service and the chef came out afterwards to hear our compliments - she was delightful and very pleased we liked her creations. She said, "I love my work and put a lot of love into each meal."
That was evident with the Seared Tuna (below) that Jey-hu chose and the Prime Ribeye (right) which was my selection. She created the most interesting flavors of standard fare and her presentment was exquisite! Both meals were delivered together - a minor irritation if they are not - and nothing had been microwaved to keep it warm... a nasty little trick used even in the so-called five-star kitchens by lazy chefs who think no one will notice. GUESS WHAT? We do. And we may never say anything to you or your staff, but we for sure tell others about our experience. If you come to Pacifica, make sure you have several meals at Siempre - you will not go away hungry or disappointed!
And so tomorrow we say "Adios" to Cabo San Lucas ... but a new adventure is brewing!


  1. A beautiful sunset to finish your wonderful stay. Meal looked jolly delicious too! I have enjoyed sharing your vacation and I look forward to the next adventure, making my journey as I do from my armchair and loving it so. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the Siempre recommendation - I'll note it for my next visit. You've got a fascinating blog and I'm looking forward to following it.
    - Jerr