Friday, July 23, 2010

A Murder of Crows

"When two or more are gathered together..." they are called a "murder of crows." If you have a bunch of geese, they are called "a gaggle of geese." I forget what this phraseology is called right at the moment, but I felt like doing some serious damage to these insistent avian visitors to the formerly peaceful garden I was enjoying. They, on the other hand, were making a lot of noise, together and separately as you can see from the open beaks.

I am only guessing, but the cherries are in full ripeness now and there seems to be quite a bit of competition from the robins and the crows as to who is going to get the reddest one. I watched a robin carry a large piece of the fruit over to the shadows where it put the cherry down and pecked at it unobserved for a moment. Then suddenly it had to do a 'grab and go' as these much bigger bullies showed up.

The noise was too much so I left for the Mukilteo Farmer's Market down at Lighthouse Park. On another day I will take some time to investigate the lighthouse itself, but amazingly it was already mid-afternoon, and I didn't want to miss out on the fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here are some shots of the market, some of the organic food and the lighthouse. Don't those onions look delicious?


  1. So beautiful fotos you have on your blog!

  2. The crows look like they are advertising their own market for the cherries!

  3. Take a plastic cup or a soda can and crinkle it (make the sound by squeezing it and releasing ) They hate that sound. From 100 ft away, the crows around here scatter when I do that.

  4. Your photos are all so Beautiful!

    Nice to see you today

    Hope you love your hair :)