Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A beautiful desert crossing

We drove from Denver, Colorado to Phoenix, Arizona in 14 hours or so. At first we seemed to be stopping every two hours for certain small individuals with small bladders, but as we got into the driving cycle, everyone found a way to schedule their relief along with filling up the tank of the SUV.

The desert was incredible... lush, for this time of year, and the colors were so bright it almost hurt my eyes. I tried to capture some of it as we raced across it... Utah and Arizona... I finished up my documentation of the trip with a sunset shot that was inadequate as we did not stop.

I think the "Hole" shot is in Utah, but the last shot is in Arizona, near (relatively speaking) Monument Valley.

But the last shot of the "Ragged Rocks" was taken by my daughter as I was driving... there is a hint of the pink that heralded the end of the day, but not the end of the drive as we still pushed on for several hours afterward.

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