Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Night on the Town

It was going to be at least 80 degrees after the sunset, and we had plans to get to the harbor before it went down, but we missed the drama of watching it go over the Olympics. But we did get a few nice shots and had fun walking around snapping pictures. Hope you enjoy them all...
This is a shot of the high rise office buildings directly behind the ferry terminal in Seattle.

While this shot of the seagull on the pier at Fisherman's Wharf is not particularly sharp, I really liked what was happening with the water colors around it.

I really, really tried to get this little boat into the range of the crescent moon, but he had other plans. (The moon was off to the left.)

The planners of the public spaces have put water fountains with unusual shapes in various areas and while this one is not lit up from within, the lights from behind and around it, coupled with the flash from my camera made for some interesting shapes.
Finally I leave you with this sweet shot of a couple enjoying the sunset and moonset (because it was also on it's way over the horizon) and we headed home to compare the results of our night on the town having photography fun.


  1. I'm CRAZY about that seagull photo! Excellent!

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