Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recipe for Rain Soup

The temperature dropped, the rain fell down, the pressure was low and it was time for "Rain Soup."
Start a pot of water boiling... and while it is doing its thing, add some salt.
Then hopefully you have some:
* carrots
* mushrooms
* onions
* shallots or green onions
* parsley flakes
* black pepper
and a chopper/grinder you can put it all into.
Once the water is boiling you dump all the bits and pieces into the pot, and let the pot simmer for at least an hour. Taste and see what else is needed. I added some ginger, some cinnamon, and several tablespoons of potsticker sauce (somewhat spicey).
Serve with Brie or cheddar cheese and crackers of your choosing... or whatever else you might like to have with it.
Then you can watch the rain come down and still feel cheerful, I hope.

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  1. Just starting to feel like soups again with the changing seasons - I love veggie soup very much and yours sounds delicious. I made French Onion Soup this week with the wondeful Onions I brought at the Auction at the end of our Village Vegetable show - it was v good with the floating croutons dripping in cheese - Yum. Something nice about the approaching seasons - lots of nice tasty soups once again. Stay well x